Saturday, July 11, 2009


We found Chloe a happy new home with a young girl and her husband. I know she will be adored there!

We also went to the Heller's house to see their minivan, and we really liked it! There are a few funky things- dents, scratches, etc. But overall, a good purchase. We'll probably be getting it this week on Wednesday or Thursday. The funny thing- it will truly only have 1 more seat than my Crown Vic. But becasue of the way it is arranged, it will work out better. We'll have one less seat in the front, but 2 extra seats in the back. I think I will put Jake in the middle row, Hyrum too (since I often need to buckle him), and Thomas can get the back row to himself!

The Hellers are a fun and amazing family- ones that we would all truly enjoy hanging with if we ever lived closer! Some cute things: the kids call their dad "Babo" (both Jake & Carly served in Italy). The kids ask to be excused from the dinner table & they say "Yes sir/ma'am". They have a cute garden with all sorts of crazy vegetables growing from it- watermelons, canteloupe, peppers, tomatoes... Their Post grandparents have a miniature pony who is 24 yrs old named Oreo, and all the kids got to ride it yesterday! And probably most importantly- Jake & Carly are just "chill" parents- they don't seem to be the freak-out kind at all, not too overprotective, just very laid back & funloving.

We had so much fun going over to their house, eating dinner, visiting, and having the kids play. good.

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  1. I'm so glad you have a blog so we can stay updated in your lives!! See you in five weeks for good :)