Wednesday, February 24, 2010 havin' fun!

Baby Jakers is 1 year old today! Hooray! What a handsome little man he is.
He has 6 teeth
He can stand but no walking yet
He crawls everywhere and is into EVERYTHING
He is always pretty happy
and we LOVE HIM!

Boys Bedroom- Dresser "After" Pics

Well, I promised pictures... didn't this turn out great!?! Well worth it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanks, Jolyn!


I had so much fun hanging out today and doing Vinyl!

It turned out awesome! Thanks for making the trek!
Love, Ann

Boys Bedroom

We've had fun decorating the boys room,
using what we have on hand, and finding some good deals here and there.

For a long time, I've wanted to make a "missionary wall", with a big world map and pictures of all of our missionaries in our family. I thought the boy's room would be the perfect spot for this. And so today, with the help of Jolyn, we busted out the vinyl and created our own little version.

Large map of the World- $5, Deseret Industries Thrift Store.
(One day I'd like to repaint the gold frame navy or black with metal paint. )

Jolyn and I couldn't stop at just one with the vinyl, though!
We made some perfect artwork for our little Star-Wars themed room.

Vinyl, $5.

And on to other accessories....

I found these navy curtains on clearance at Target ($10).
The silver curtain rod (free) was from our other house.

We bought this vintage looking Star Wars poster at K-Mart ($6), Frame Target ($12, clearance).

And we repainted the boy's bunkbed with the same paint that had on hand from when we painted the dressor. (Pics still to come)
And later we found a funky grey-shag rug sealed the deal.
Target, $90.
And Hyrum couldn't live without this Master Yoda plush toy/pillow, so we got that too.
We splurged.
Target, $20.

And another splurge, bedding,
Pottery Barn $240 for 4 pillowcases and 2 duvet covers.
I know, I know. Pricey.
But the print was worth the price. It was just what we wanted!
Two of the pillowcases were shipped, but the other bedding is on back-order so we'll have to wait a few weeks to see the final product!

Total: $388.00

Remaining in our budget:

$500-$93(dresser & paint)=$407

$407-$388 (bedding, curtains, art, accessories)=$19

Whew, we're getting close!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bread day!

Hyrum and I decided to make Wednesday our baking day, and we made 3 types of bread. Challah, Whole Wheat, and French. Here are our results!

Challah Bread
(Almost) 5 Stars!
This bread was easy (we used the bread machine to mix it), tasty, and so pretty! Only problem, I overcooked it so the crust was a little to crispy. Overall, great!
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
4 Stars!
This recipe also was an easy- mixed up in the mixer. But the bottom stuck to the breadpan a little, even with sufficient greasing. (Hmm....? I have never had luck with Whole Wheat bread.) It stays together nice when cut, and tastes great.
French Bread
3 Stars!
Looks pretty, tastes good, but this recipe was TOO MUCH WORK! (Mix, let rise, mix let rise, mix, let rise, refrigerate 24 hours, let rise, bake. ) Wow. A day's worth of work for 2 small baguettes? Never again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boys Bedroom- Dresser "Before" Pics

Ever since we've moved, the boys have needed a dresser.

I headed down to Salvation Army to see what they had. What I was looking for: a well made, wood dresser that I could potentially refinish to match the room.

Once there, I found a yellowy-green smaller sized, 4-drawer dresser with funky handle-pulls that was well made, but $90!!! Yikes- too much.

But after going home and looking around more, I still liked it. So I returned and .... I asked if they could lower the price. And they said yes. While it still was a small splurge at $60, I can tell from the craftmanship that it will last.

I had to nail/glue one of the drawer brackets, but aside from that it was ready to be refinished.

Dresser~ $60 (Salvation Army)

Grey-blue paint~ $13 (Lowes)

New hardware (drawer pulls)~ $2.50 X 8=$20 (Lowes)

=$93.00 Dresser

A little more than I had hoped....

But, wait till you see the after pics! :)

Boys Bedroom- Inspiration

We have been redecorating the boys room, a-la "Star Wars". I was inspired by the new PBK Star Wars line.
Inspiration Room

I am trying to redecorate their bedroom just like this, but on a budget.

The projects-

repaint bunkbed, new curtains & rod, bedding

artwork, new dresser, rug, lamps, shelving

The colors: navy, grey, and grey-blue

Budget: $500.