Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday- recap of the week!

This weekend has been so much fun! Thursday morning we went to the zoo with Melanie Garcia & Megan. Jeron got home early from work, so that gave me a chance to run to Sprouts & Blockbuster, and rent 5 movies. Thursday night we went over to mom & dads to swim at their neighbor Marty's house, then we watched "Premonition". Friday Jeron was off work, so we had just a good fun solid day working on the house, etc. Friday night we went out on a date with Sal & Christina & Joe/Maren Mike/Megan, and then after dinner we played games. Saturday morning we had the 4th of July breakfast at Papago Park, we climbed Hole in the Rock with the kids, and then we later went to Walmart. The kids picked out lunch- we had chicken strips & corndogs, pringles & chocolate milk. Later we went to Brian's and went swimming, and then to the Hatch's for a bbq cookout and then we watched the fireworks from the backyard. The view wasn't good, but aside from that we had lots of fun with family!

Today (Sunday) was church, but the air was broken so we only had an opening song, the sacrament, and a closing prayer. Then later for dinner we went over to the Mckellar's for dinner and a walk/bike ride/frisbee game! The older two boys get to spend the night at Grandma's, and Jake's at home with us. Oh! I almost forgot! We have a happy announcement! As of last night, Jake is now sleeping in a big boy crib in the boy's room! Yeah!!!

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