Sunday, August 30, 2009

Did this week really just happen??? (Aug 23-30)

Sisters~ Ann & Larry
The Cast
Cute Munchkin & Good Fairy
Darth & Dorthy

Aside from all the usual that I do every day (cleaning, cooking, lovin my family, watching neighborhood kids, crafting, listening to books on tape, and having fun), I did this:

Sunday~ Church, fireside at night
Monday~ Thomas picture day @ school, Iron, Lawns
Tuesday~ Market research study~ made $100!
Wednesday~ Irrigation, Thomas early release, Jeron mtgs., talent show
Thursday~ Library storytime, Curriculum night, Rachel's wedding dinner
Friday~ PTO Mtg, Hyrum's 1st day preschool, Amanda's reception
Saturday~ Roadshow, Ridgeway Baptism
Sunday~ Priesthood Mtg for Jeron, Church

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