Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I should have posted this yesterday...

Swinging at the Hatch birthday party
Climbing Hole in the Rock with Dada
Out for a walk -sad... I accidentally ran over that stroller :(
Trying out new foods

Jakers just turned 6 months yesterday! Whew! That flew by- (or at least the last 3 months did!) He is such an awesome baby.

He is starting to babble and says "da-da". He also pushes up on hands & feet and sticks his booty out every time you set him on the ground. And he can hang on to his crib railing while standing up- which he loves because then he can look out into his bedroom and spy on his brothers. He loves his brothers, but whenever Hyrum comes anywhere near him he screams out. But who can blame him? It is for his own safety... :) He is my lovey love love! Right now he is chillin' on my lap while I write this.

Jake's Song
His name is Jake Anson
and he's really really handsome
he's a brother, and a lover,
and a friend...la la la!

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  1. Hi Ann, super cute blog! I cannot believe how big your kids are. We really need to get together!! Laura