Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bread day!

Hyrum and I decided to make Wednesday our baking day, and we made 3 types of bread. Challah, Whole Wheat, and French. Here are our results!

Challah Bread
(Almost) 5 Stars!
This bread was easy (we used the bread machine to mix it), tasty, and so pretty! Only problem, I overcooked it so the crust was a little to crispy. Overall, great!
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
4 Stars!
This recipe also was an easy- mixed up in the mixer. But the bottom stuck to the breadpan a little, even with sufficient greasing. (Hmm....? I have never had luck with Whole Wheat bread.) It stays together nice when cut, and tastes great.
French Bread
3 Stars!
Looks pretty, tastes good, but this recipe was TOO MUCH WORK! (Mix, let rise, mix let rise, mix, let rise, refrigerate 24 hours, let rise, bake. ) Wow. A day's worth of work for 2 small baguettes? Never again.

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