Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boys Bedroom- Dresser "Before" Pics

Ever since we've moved, the boys have needed a dresser.

I headed down to Salvation Army to see what they had. What I was looking for: a well made, wood dresser that I could potentially refinish to match the room.

Once there, I found a yellowy-green smaller sized, 4-drawer dresser with funky handle-pulls that was well made, but $90!!! Yikes- too much.

But after going home and looking around more, I still liked it. So I returned and .... I asked if they could lower the price. And they said yes. While it still was a small splurge at $60, I can tell from the craftmanship that it will last.

I had to nail/glue one of the drawer brackets, but aside from that it was ready to be refinished.

Dresser~ $60 (Salvation Army)

Grey-blue paint~ $13 (Lowes)

New hardware (drawer pulls)~ $2.50 X 8=$20 (Lowes)

=$93.00 Dresser

A little more than I had hoped....

But, wait till you see the after pics! :)

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