Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Update!

I just completed my 3rd run this week of 1.5 miles. I know that that's probably nothin' to some of you seasoned exercisers out there, but for me....? Wow!!!!! I am so proud of myself!!! And it's getting easier too.

So.....This morning I came in to find Jake sharing a "treat" with Grant. GUM. Jake likes to climb up onto the counter and get into our "treat" closet, where we keep all of the goodies around here. For some reason Jake is really into gum, and apparently he decided to share the minty goodness with his little brother. I'm just surprised that Grant liked it so much. (Look close and you can see baby Grant's two new toothers, along with a stick of gum!!!)

He's Guilty! (gum in hand!)
Oh, the joys of having two babies!
Actually, I've been relishing it lately.
It really is quite fun.

Last night after supper the babies got to take side-by-side baths in the sink.
(Hyrum is such a good older brother!)

Last week I made a little kitchen art, some that I had seen at Holly's!
I just spraypainted the flatware and frame, covered the back in fabric, and hot-glued.
I like it a lot.
We've been working around the house, and last weekend added some color to our kitchen.
Jeron did a great job!!!!!
Other news for us: we've been working on the garden daily, and we have spinach, swiss chard, peas, and carrots going to town! And Jeron bought and planted 10 fruit trees yesterday, so it won't be long before we enjoy that too!!!!

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