Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 Winners and a BIG LOSER!

Things have been going good this weekend.
Saturday I went to yard sales
and got some really fabulous finds!
Lots of Christmas Gifts!
(Did I mention that I have officially christened this Christmas........ "Homemade/ Second-Hand Christmas"? )Everything this year will be either handmade by yours truly with stuff I already have, or will be bought second hand. But not to worry- IT WILL BE AWESOME!

Anyway, back to my yard-sale adventures: My three best finds?

A new "diapee-wipee" (Diaper & Wipes) case for $1, A black & white toile shower curtain- $2, and this mirror with frame- $1.

(I bought it for the frame, because I was going to make a peice of acorn artwork with fabric. But thank goodness I decided to clean it up before I removed the glass, because I ended up loving it and leaving it just the way it was!)

After!! (Just a little windex and wood-cleaner was all it took!)

Happy thing #2:
I finished my fall "H" pillow! Yay!
It looks super cute. The brown bias-tape really makes the fall colors pop!

Now, my sad news.

I've been lovin my blog background (acorns), and so figured that I could make a cute peice of artwork copying it.

Everything was going so well.... I was even going to do a little tutorial (follow the pictures)....until....

It was looking so cute, all laid out and ready to go....


The iron-on adhesive didn't work at all!
So I tried to improvise and sew around the acorns...
Crash and burn! Drats! Have you ever made something so ugly
it is better just to throw it away and start again....?
I did.
Anyway, sad for me and the wasted 2 hours I spent.
I'm still lovin' the acorns, though. I think I still need to try to duplicated it, maybe in a different medium... scrapbook paper with modge-podge? paint?

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