Sunday, October 4, 2009


Look at these cute pumpins! Just makes me want to start crafting!

So I need some ideas for Craft Night #3.

So far this is what I've come up with:
Hairbows/Hair-Flowers, Candles (as seen below), Fall Toll-painting: Ghosts, Frankenstein, Candy Corn, Pumpkins, etc.
Banners like Jolyn made (see below)- from cardstock or fabric
Christmas Cards & Christmas Candy making

Please post & let me know what you want to do!... and on to other things. So, look what Jolyn gave me today.

She made it with her new Cricuit!!!

Watch out, this woman is crafty! I just love it. BEWARE!
How cute would it be to have banners in all themes: birthdays, holidays, sayings, etc.???

I made these this week:

I needed a quick & easy & cheap thank-you to give all of the sisters who helped at our RS Meeting. I came up with these Fall-themed candles.

So cheap- candles were $1 each at Wal-Mart, leaves were $1 for a huge bag (also at Wal-Mart), and I had the ribbon. & sooooo easy! I just tied the ribbon, cut it and added no-fray to the tips of the ribbon, and then hot-glued the leaves. Done. For about a dollar (& change).

Along the same line as I mentioned earlier, wouldn't it be cute to come up with other themes for these candles, in other colors? Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween? That is my job this week, to make a few more. I'll post when I come up with something great.

And to update, we had our Craft Night #2 awhile back and it was a BLAST! We made fabric pumpkins and carmel apples, and they were both fun. The pumpkins all turned out soooooooo different and all so cute. Here are mine:

But I have to say, I liked everyone else's so much (maybe more) than my own! I stayed traditional, whereas... Megan came up with a foot-long RED pumpkin, and Emily did a leapord-print pumpkin, as well as a white pumpkin. Very cute. :)


  1. a) love the new background. fall is pretty much my fav.
    b) what is the date for craft night 3?
    c) I made Brycen (and Sadie) happy birthday banners like those and they are SO cute! a must for birthdays. i am voting for hair flowers and bows :)

  2. a. Thanks, Alisa, me too!
    b. Wednesday, the 21st, at 6:30 p.m. Hope you can make it! I will try to switch off every other time to either Tuesday or Wednesday.
    c. I would love to see your creations! And yes, we will be doing hair flowers & bows!