Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Jakers

I must admit it.... I am in love! And what's not to love....?

...He's been called "Chub-a-licious", a "Little Tenderloin", a "Bundle of Love", "Cutie Booty", "Lil' Pumpkin Pie", and..... an "Arab" (thanks, Grandpa). And now, I call the new love of my life my "Baby Jakers".

With love we welcomed a new addition to our family, baby Jake Anson Hatch, born February 24th, 2009. It's been just over 3 months now, and I still can't get over his sweet spirit...and his fuzzy mop of brown hair, left dimple, and his big drooly gummy smiles! I really am in love!! And let me tell you, it is BLISS!

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