Friday, June 5, 2009

If you've ever nursed before, you'll understand...

I'm sad to say that Jake and I are pretty much done nursing. It's been 4 days without, so far. We came pretty far this time (just over 3 months), considering how difficult it is for me to nurse. So I'm pretty sad.

The top 5 things I will miss about nursing Jakey-Jake:
5. The way he looks at me with big wide eyes while he's nursing- I am adored, I'll tell you that much!
4. The little bit of milk dribbles out the corners of his mouth when he smiles while nursing.
3. His little grunts when he's trying to latch on, but can't quite find what he's looking for.
2. The way his little eyes roll back when he is nursing and is just so content! He's like "Aaaaah....this is exactly what I wanted and needed"
1. The way that it made me NEED to stay close to him, at all times. A nursing mom cannot be away from her baby for long- when it's time to nurse, you NEED your baby just as much as they NEED you, and even though it ties you down, it has actually been precious to be so connected.

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