Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Triple Shout-Out!

3 Birthdays today: Grandpa Jerry Hatch, my brother Pablo McKellar, and also a good friend at church- Lucille Durocher.

Hooray, hooray!
What a wonderful day!

As for me today, it was kid-filled and crazy. We had lots of friends over today, went to Pyter-Pyter Pizza (as Thomas calls it) for a summer art activity and lunch.

Hyrum won a silver-toned skull ring with red eyes, that he won't take off for the life of him (yup...still wearing it). Later at home, Thomas got whacked in the forehead on the bunkbead by a fast-spinning ceiling fan and he now has a big bloody bandaid on his head. ......So it was a good day. :)

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