Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Special things about today...

1. Jake is starting to suck his thumb. I found him doing it 4 times today. It is precious! He is doing it right now...
2. Hyrum peed in the toilet all day, and got a billion "potty prizes" (fruit snacks)- so we had to make a special run to Wally World to buy more.
3. Thomas helped me peel corn on the cob for dinner. He fussed the whole time because he was worried about finding a worm in the corn. But at least he learned a new skill! (No worms were found...)
4. Jeron found out that one of his good buddies from the mission is also a bishop. It was special to relate.
5. I got a new purse from Jeron. He got it as a surprise for me. He doesn't think I like it very much, but I really do. It is hip! Thanks, boyfriend! :)

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