Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're baaaaaaaaaaack!

Our Vacation in Numbers
1 bee sting on my arm (my very first, ever)
1 blow up boat with oars
1 HUGE tent! (thank you, Holly)
2 beaches (Dohney and San Clemente)
2 days with Homemade Oreo ice cream
2 nice new beach umbrellas that stay open when they're supposed to
3 quarters for showering each day
3 cards Jeron got on Father's day (2 from Hyrum, 1 from mom)
3 boogie boards
4 lunches I made every day
also Jake turned 4 months on the 24th
5 hours and 55 minutes of driving time to get to the campground from home (according to Grandpa Hatch's GPS)
6 glorious days on vacation
7 fun games on "Game Day": badmitton, bocce ball, sand-man contest, relay race, boogie board competition, balloon-pop contest, & a beach scavenger hunt
8.... we ate...and...ate...and...ate some dang delicious food! (taco salad, burritos, spaghetti, fettuccinne alfredo, Pick-Up Stix (Chinese)...)
9 fun cousins: Noah, Mataya, Regan, Pyper, Marley, Kiersten, Ashlyn, Brenna, Hailey
$10 for 1 dozen Surfin' Doughnuts (thank you, papa!)

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