Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Prodigal...Daughter

Sadly, today we thought Chloe was lost- the last time anyone remembered seeing her was yesterday. So, I put up an ad on Craigslist that said a little something like this:

Our 7 year old Pug Chloe was lost yesterday. She is chubby, has crooked teeth, and was last seen wearing an AZ Diamondbacks collar...

Anyway, happily, after the ad was posted and I had looked (almost) everywhere... we found Chloe in our very own house. I think she had been stuck under the kids bunkbed. Yikes. Poor girl. Anyway, we were happy to find her. And reading my post on Craigslist now makes me laugh, even though at the time I posted it I was not laughing, but was feeling rather solemn knowing that I was a bad pet parent. Anyway, we love Chloe, but if you feel like you could provide a better home for her, let us know and we'll think about it. She really is a good dog... she deserves better.

And on another interesting note, today I reached a personal all-time low and had to stage my own intervention: a whooping 3-days without a shower (hey, I did go swimming... & don't diss- I was realllllllly busy packing!). It was getting disgusting, so I am now happy to say that right now I am bathed, looking very fresh, and clean smelling.
And with that, we are off tomorrow morning to CA to live it up on the beach for an amazing week with the Hatch relatives. We can't wait!


  1. 3 DAYS?!?!?! There are some things you know that you don't need to post....this would be one of those occasions.

    On a different note, I'm glad (not really) that you found Chloe. Did being smushed under the bunk bed fix her face?

  2. Hey- about the showers, I'm just keepin it real.

    You are rude about Chloe. One year I am going to give you her as a White Elephant gift at your party- and no trade-backs!