Friday, June 12, 2009

& Shout-out #2 for today goes to... Aunt Fonree

What was I thinking?!? Earlier I forgot to mention that today is Aunt Fonree's birthday. She is now officially..... 38! So, now I must pay a tribute to her.....To my Aunt Fonree, on her b-day:

5 things I love about you...
1. You are hilarious & soooooo down to earth... (remember when you were assigned the snack in nursery and you brought Vienna Snausages & Funions for the kiddos? I can't stop laughing whenever I remember that... I'm sure the kids were pretty excited for snack that day! Mine would be. I can see it now... a nursery full of kids chanting "Forget the graham-crackers, we want FUNIONS!") So gross...yet so funny.
2. You are a mom of 6 fabulous kids, and drive a mini-van, and are still cool despite it. (Okay, I'm actually jealous, because in my heart I want 6 kids, too and a mini-van JUST like yours, leather seats & all...)
3. You're super fun and funky! (Helloooooo! One of your favorite songs used to be... "Don'tcha Wish Your Girlfriend was HOT like ME!" 'Nuff said.) Also, you always accessorize! (with fun jewelry, funky toenail sparkles, etc.)
4. You are always more than happy to help out those you love. I am so serious about this one- you have helped me sooooooooooo much in so many ways (picking oranges for me, watching my kids, taking me out for some much-needed time away from kids, etc...) But the best thing about you is that you always make the receiver of the service feel like it's really no big deal, you're happy to do it. I truly believe that this is your biggest strength.
5. You are the best listener and best giver of advice- and never judgmental, ever. This is also one of your biggest strengths. Whenever I have something juicy to tell you- you better believe I usually tell you first, because you are so FUN to talk to!

Love you, girl! :)

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